Membership Packages

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JNSA recommends 2 lessons per week for maximum improvement.

All Levels* – Overview

Various Membership Levels are available including:

1 Month Membership

3 Months Membership

6 Month Membership

Bronze Membership

Silver Membership

Gold Membership

Extra Lessons

Casual Lessons

Custom Family Lessons

Other Lessons

All Levels – Detail

1 Month and 3 Month Membership
A guaranteed reserved weekly lesson place
1 Freeze Credit
1 Make Up Lesson (only with Doctor’s Certificate)

6 Month Membership
A guaranteed reserved weekly lesson place
2 weeks Freeze Credit
2 Make Up Lessons (only with Doctor’s Certificate)

Bronze Membership
A guaranteed reserved weekly lesson place
4 weeks Freeze Credit
4 Make Up Lessons (only with Doctor’s Certificate)

Silver Membership
A guaranteed reserved weekly lesson place
6 weeks Freeze Credit
6 Make Up Lessons (only with Doctor’s Certificate)
Cap on issue of joining
Hot drink each visit

Gold Membership
A guaranteed reserved weekly lesson place
8 weeks Freeze Credit
10 Make Up Lessons (only need notice up to one week after the fact)
2 x private lessons
Cap on issue of joining
One Hot drink,  One Cold Drink and One Lolly or One Chips or One Ice Cream each visit.

All new memberships or renewal are subject to the initial Lesson

Child Protection Policy

  • To help ensure members are safe. Parents and Guardians are responsible for members before and after all lessons times
  • Members under the age of 10 must be placed with their teacher before their lessons and picked up at the end of class.
  • Parents with children under the age of 10 or those with special needs must be present at the Academy during their lesson time.
  • Children not enrolled in the lesson must not enter the water at any time. We We regard member safety as our highest priority.

Special Circumstances

  • You can apply for Special Circumstance consideration in writing and with supporting evidence to management of the JNSA. Payments will continue up until the special circumstance has been approved.

Upgrading Membership

You can always upgrade, however if you upgrade to Silver or Gold and then Cancel, you cannot claim any Freeze Credit.

Downgrading membership

If you wish to Downgrade your Gold or Silver membership to a Bronze etc sometime throughout the membership period, then you must pay the Admin Fee and rejoin at the current price. Freeze Credit will not be redeemable.

Public Holidays Policy

We will always be closed over the Christmas / New Year period. There will be signage placed at the Academy to inform you if we are closed for a Major Public Holiday Period.

A member whose lesson falls on  day we are closed can claim a Freeze Credit for that day.

Over Christmas you must use one of your included Freeze Credits in your membership. If we are closed during the year for a Major Public Holiday when your lesson falls you can apply for additional Freeze Credit above your membership limit. 1 Month and 3 Month members can be granted one additional week if their membership falls over Christmas.

Assessment Policy

Children are constantly being assessed each time they are in at JNSA by their teacher. Teachers will recommend when your child needs to move levels. Teachers’ feedback is regularly discussed so we can keep children improving to their ability, You, as a parent, are more than welcome to request to management of Front of House, a progress report at any time and we will provide our recommendation on the best course of action. We ask that you do not interupt the teachers at any time.

Cancellation Policy

  • To cancel your membership you must pay the cancellation fee or pay out the remainder of your membership.
  • If you cancel your membership, you cannot claim any Freeze Credit. You will forfeit the Freeze Credit.
  • The cancellation fee = difference in what you would have paid to what you have paid + admin fee $15.
  • Gold and Silver members only need to pay the admin fee of $15. Ne Freeze Credit is claimable.
  • Memberships are not transferable.

Johnny joined as a Bronze member. After 7 months, he had to cancel. Johnny has to pa the difference in what he would have paid plus an admin fee of $15.
What he would have paid = 30 weeks (7 months) x $23.50 (6 Month Rate) = $705.00
What he would have paid = 30 weeks (7 months) x $22.00 (Bronze Rate) = $660.00
Therefor cancellation Fee for Johnny is …
$705.00 (what he would have paid) – $660 (what he has paid) + $15 (admin fee) = $60.00

It would cost Johnny $60 to cancel after 7 months of a Bronze Membership.

Dishonoured Fees

Ezi debit will charge you a dishonour fee if your payment is dishonoured. Their dishonour fee, transaction fees and conditions my change. If you are not sure see us at JNSA. Your payments are your responsibility. If your payment is dishonoured for Two Consecutive attempts you will be notified. If a Third attempt is unsuccessful you will be charged a JNSA dishonour fee of $10. Further refusal to cooperate will result in legal action.

Health and Safety Policy

Parents and children must not enter the water until your accredited instructor is ready and must leave the water immediately after class. There is no swimming before or after class.

All children must be supercised at all times by their parents or carers when in the Academy, surrounding grounds and carpark to ensure their safety.

Non-toilet trained members must wear washable aua nappy swimmers. Disposable aqua nappies alone will mot be permitted as they present a health risk to other members.

Please do not bring your child to class if they have suffered from any fr of diarrhea in the 48 hrs prior to their scheduled class. Please do not bring your child to class if they are suffering from any contagious illness.

You will need to advise the Instructor and Front of House if your child has any illness, specific learning difficulties or disability before they begin classes in case of emergency. This also applies if your regular Instructor is away or you change Instructors.

All members must wear swim caps in the class as this helps us maintain our clean water. Waterbabies can be exempt from wearing caps.

Please do not bring nay glass objects onto pool deck.

Children must be completely dry before entering the playroom.

Children must wear socks (not shoes or bear feet) on the play equipment.

All playroom rules must be observed at all times.