Program Overview


(30 minutes with parent/carer – 6 per class. 4 months to 2.5 yrs)

Through a series of unique, progressive techniques, your baby will be able to comfortably submerge, free glide, turn around and propel themselves. They will be able to have a better understanding of their limits and will be less likely to get themselves in to a situation from which they cannot remove. Parent participation ensures children are always practicing exercises at their own level.


(2.5 yrs+ 5 per class with a parent/carer)

Parent participation in this level to ensure your child receives the maximum skill practice time. With one-on-one attention your child will swim better sooner! We introduce rockets, propulsion with kicking and sculling, submersion and basic Freestyle.


We aim to develop your child’s Freestyle and Backstroke in a group situation. At this stage we focus on the child’s head and body position to get them moving efficiently.


We focus on smooth, strong and easy Freestyle. We also refine your child’s Backstroke technique and introduce elements of Dolphin kicking.

Learn-to-Swim Focus Groups, School Age (30mins – 4 per class)


Our beginner level for school age children. We take nervous beginners and teach them the skills of great head and body position and work towards smooth Freestyle and Backstroke.


This stage focuses on your child’s development of Freestyle and Backstroke. We focus on head position, body position and stroke length – the keys to perfect swimming stroke.


Stroke Development

At the end of this class your child will be almost unstoppable, showing everyone who’s willing to watch continuous easy Freestyle and Backstroke with fluid style and efficiency. We also introduce elements of Breaststroke, Diving and Turns.


Mini Squad (45mins – 8 per class)

The program now focuses on skill development on all four stokes. We teach efficient technique for Breaststroke and Butterfly as well as reinforce the correct skill in Freestyle and Backstroke. Race starts, Turns and Streamlining and Finishes are also developed.


Squad (45mins – 8 per class)

Sharks are designed for the emerging competitive swimmer. Emphasis is placed on refining your child’s stroke technique in all four strokes.

Deep Water Exposure Lessons (DWE)

Custom Program (15mins/30mis)

Help in deep water, these are designed to supplement your child’s regular swim lessons to help them transfer their learnt skills across to different environments.

Custom Family Lessons

Very popular format for families with two children or more. No waiting around – they can all swim at the same scheduled time. Fully customisable for your family means your children are always working at their ability level. A very successful structure – talk to us at the Front of House desk!

Private Custom Lesson

We can customise the lesson to suit your requirements and work on anything from water confidence to high level race skills and strategies.

Private Adult Lesson

If you’ve never learnt to swim properly then this is the class for you. From first-timers willing to have a go, to those looking for technique improvements, our program will meet your needs.

Disability Program

Please see Front of House for options available.

JNSA Elite Program

Please see us to find out about Elite Squad and how you can be a part of it.


Aquatics Programs (1hr – no bookings required)

A specially reserved pool time for people to their own pool walking and exercises. Sorry, we do not allow lap swimming in this program. See our timetable at Front of House.